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Trademark registration refers to the legal fact that the trademark owner, in order to obtain the exclusive right to use a trademark, applies for the registration of the trademark to the Trademark Office in accordance with the registration conditions, principles and procedures prescribed by the state, and the Trademark Office approves the registration after examination and verification. A trademark that has been examined and registered by the Trademark Office is a registered trademark and enjoys the right to exclusive use of the trademark.

Registration process

Trademark inquiry (within 2 days) → preparation of application documents (within 3 days) → submission of application (within 2 days) → payment of trademark registration fee → trademark form review (1 month) → issuance of trademark acceptance notice → trademark substantive examination (8 months) → trademark announcement (3 months) → issue trademark certificate.

Domestic trademark inquiry refers to the inquiry of whether the trademark applied for by the trademark registration applicant or his agent is the same or similar to the trademark of the prior right before filing the registration application.

Materials for domestic trademark registration

Domestic trademark registration applicant is an enterprise: a copy of enterprise business license

Domestic trademark registration applicant is an individual: copies of business license and personal ID card are required

After selecting the main documents of the registration applicant, it is necessary to submit the written documents required for domestic trademark registration:

1)Trademark design

2)Commodity / service items (selected according to the standard commodity / service classification table)

3)Power of attorney for trademark agency

4)Application for trademark registration

Application for trademark registration

Submit documents to the trademark office.

Formal acceptance and review stage

The formal examination shall pass the substantive examination of the acceptance notice issued by the trademark office;

Announcement stage

Substantive examination passed, preliminary examination announcement, registration announcement.

Registration stage

The Trademark Office issues the registration certificate. Any well-known enterprise will attach great importance to the protection of the brand. If you want to protect the brand, you must register the trademark.

Other related issues

1、Time required for domestic trademark registration

The application for trademark registration requires about 3 months to accept the notice, 9 months to enter the announcement period and 13 months for the certificate

First of all, the trademark should be inquired. If there is no similar or identical trademark, the application documents can be made and submitted;

About three months after the application is submitted, the Trademark Office will issue an application acceptance notice to the applicant (this period is called the formal examination stage).

After the formal review is completed, it will enter the substantive review stage, which will take about nine months.  

If the material review is qualified, enter the announcement procedure (this period is 3 months, also called the objection period)

At the expiration of the period of the announcement, no objection has been raised. You can get the registration certificate. The time for the above successful registration is generally about 12-14 months

2、How much does domestic trademark registration cost

Official fee for domestic trademark registration: 300 yuan

If you entrust a trademark registration agency, you should not only pay the official fee, but also pay the service fee of the agency

3、Exclusive term of domestic trademark

The term of use of domestic trademarks is 10 years.

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